Visitors to  San Cristobal Island,  a part of the Galapagos Islands primarily base visits around research and investigation of the mysterious yet untouched land masses. Since they tend to work and travel all day, having as a final step a trek back to an adjacent island, a break room or sanctuary seemed necessary. This underground pavilion is placed just along the edge of the shore on the island. During high tide, glass water funnels fill up emitting, sublime qualities  of light from the tide, emptying at low tide. With attentiveness to time of day and the nature of tide, elements work together to  create a new perceptible abstraction of water, mesmerizing and relaxing the onlooker.

A Researcher's Break Room


Graduate Design Level One, University of Florida

Instructor(s); Lisa Huang, Bradley Walters

Left; Tide Study, Aboce; Island Images

Funnels above outlet to the sky, framing a direct, shaped, moment of atmosphere. The entry to the break room mimics that of a cave or newly formed mass, the user ramps down to where the funnels are placed awaiting the next tide to illuminate the hidden room.


Above; Moment Vignettes

Below; Moment Lighting Studies