Graduate Design Level One, University of Florida

Instructor(s); Lisa Huang, Bradley Walters



Art Vessel

Copenhagen, Denmark - A design capital of the world, is home to a vibrant creative culture, housing many people that participate professionally in cultivating design, art and other inventive outlets. Although the city administers and promotes many of these activities, Copenhagen is pressed with elevated living costs as neighborhoods gentrify and popularity heaves housing costs. For instance, the Meat Packing District of Copenhagen, once known for its rugged, grocer, warehouse characteristics, has now become a hip, rejuvenated area of the city with scarce housing options. Using this district as a potential site for

a fictitious citizen facing these changes, this body of work examines the parameters of a small, 25’ - 0” x 25’ - 0” plot of land abutting a park to the East. As this character is a painter, the project interrogates vertical occupation and art storage optimization through the  development of interstitial levels that offer split experiences for guests and artist. The mindful stacking of  interlocking floors deliver spaces for the artist to paint on even numbered floors, while odd numbered plates serve a public audience. These paths guide the two polarizing occupations past, above and behind each other; voyeuristic moments to see over the shoulder of the artist.


Images taken from a trip to Copenhagen

building adjacent Designmuseum



"I am a Contributor" - Ibrahim Mahama

Aalto Vase

Olafur Eliasson

Site Collage








meatpacking district



Site Perspective Above

Site Perspective Zoom Above

As users ascend and descend exhibitions and displays in the container, the artist apprehends the maximization of vertical space. Designing  surfaces that fold to transform railing to wall, floor to railing, etc. in order to deliver more hanging space or dark rooms for documentation, secretive spatial interactions cultivate the volume. Being sensible about the placement of these functions was strategic as the entire facade of glass on the park side could alter daytime lapses in the gallery.


Section; Northwest

Concrete Volume Test






Glass to Plaza

1. open

2. fold up panels

3. folded panels

6. dark room panels

5. fold down ceiling panel

4. fold up floor panel

Volume to Plaza

floor pattern exterior

in ground seating -

angled so that one sits below grade facing up

floor profile -

carvings to allow for melted ice to properly drain and form below walking surface

floor profile -


seating section

Providing the glass however, serves as a link between a new plaza, the art and the public path, users are drawn in by the layered elevations of art and commingled spectacle of observer and artist. The plaza extrudes elements of the internal circulation, to the exterior as a public component that shifts axes. Moments of pause and reflection in the form of seating are carved into the ground, changing viewer orientation from vertical art viewing to angled sky gazing.

Interior Perspective

Glass Resolution

Glass Extrusion Points

Glass Extrusion

Glass Resolution Volume

Glass Resolution Carving

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