Process Model for Partial Construction of the experience.

Model Imagery;

Partial Construction at 1'-0" to 1-1/2"


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Continuing One to One; Material Studies

After completing Understanding Materials; One to One and gaining knowledge about material conditions and parameters, it was  important  to recognize elements that the  full scale exercise provided. With new appeals to joining, fastening, etc. and their true transcriptions from drawing to reality, this phase of the project relates the previous final construction to its re-imagined housing. How does this component expand itself, what assemblies would one improve, change or remove? Would these explanations become apparent, additive or relevant in the next iteration?

In reference to this 6'-0" construction, the first phase of the project, formulates physical boundaries to dignify an unknown, unexplained light quality. The drawing to the left recognizes this in a potential network of refractions and curated glows using copper through, on and above concrete.

Graduate Design Level One, University of Florida

Instructor(s); Lisa Huang, Bradley Walters

When expanding the copper opening, accounting for its double angle, there were many hints to a secretive space that existed, but could not be accessed.  The development of a hidden copper network that funneled light, channeled sound and  aggrandized abstract reflections developed as a primary experience for interaction with the user.

Development of the venture exists not only in vertical mass but careful carvings throughout the ground, guiding light, water, noise and happenstance throughout the fictitious folly.


Determining the tuning of the "secret copper network"

Lower drawing is the final visualization and upper drawing is a map of the unseen copper in a prediction of where light will travel.

How does the primary interface  accompany the guidance of light in scalar shift? How does perforation reinforce glow?

Experimental Funnel