To alleviate these symptoms, this project experiments with the idea of a transit platform that operates on a track that bikers simply ride onto while remaining on their bikes. A rider locks their tires into a designated slot staying seated on their bike until they unlock at their stop. As this becomes a niche form of transit, the workshop becomes a unique scenario and collection of rarely used and sometimes custom devices to provide for and maintain the line.


The workshop at ground level, provides a link through a garage door to this transit line, but turns its back to the street corner in order to provide a station for the street. Above, housing for a highly trained worker is provided. Volumes trace traffic patterns of bikers stacking themselves above  intersecting traffic maps of cars.

Left; Site Analysis, Northeast Corner of University Avenue & 6th Street. What are the inherent links of pedestrian traffic to the openings of buildings and entryways, is there a way to pace varieties of traffic.

Above; Section looking East through Shop & Apartment. How will accumulations of necessary items for work be stored, can they have an architectural impacts on the space although they lack permanent install?


Below; Section through single level of shop looking North, how does the system rejoin the track?

Illustration can answer many questions about a project of this nature. The project not only contributes a living space, and workshop but the design of a new transit system and potential design & allocation of apprenticeships to the community. Materiality can be drawn, and questioned ; illustration can be as debated as model.

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Live // Work

Graduate Design Level Two, University of Florida

Instructor(s); Martin Gundersen, Jason Alread

Tasked with the design of a workshop where one could live and work in the downtown of Gainesville, Florida,  acknowledging how the public operates the district was vital in providing an operation for this accommodation. Recognizing that much of the population rides a bike, a convenience most of the time, bikes in the area have their disadvantages in rain, distances longer than one mile, and in the unawareness of traffic. As a result, many students ride the bus, taking their bike with them for later convenience. To do this, residents utilize the bus by strapping their bikes to the front of the bus before entering, this results in stress for the driver, delays for passengers and anxiety for the biker.

Floor Plan

Shop Illustration


Perspective Sections

Perspective Sections