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Modeling Daylight

Modeling Daylight is an exploration into the architecture of light. How do we use light as a phenomenal addition to our spaces,  to effect mood, movement, sound, etc. for applications that work in actuality with light from the sun?


Using coordinates and data from Marrakesh, Morocco, sunlight elevation and azimuths were placed in a studio made sun simulator. These coordinates were marked on the simulator for the Summer, Equinox & Winter. Placing a fake sun at these coordinates and falsely running the course of a day, models were positioned in the center of the device in order to test the natural lighting designs against the data. This allowed for positive alterations of lighting and based around factual experiment.


The following images depict the data and research that went into creating the mentioned model that served as an accurate viewfinder for a scenes with a curated lighting quality.



Early sketches and models began to look at the effects of dappled light and methods to create it. Using Straws as a fliter, light becomes difficult to capture and funnel; only working in direct light positioning.

Early Study Models

Data Collected from Sunearthtools.com

Funnel Angles at different times of the year, when is sunlight trapped in or excluded?

Construction of "lighting box" for scene.

Construction of Straw Ceiling for scene

Graduate Design Level Three, University of Florida

Instructor(s); Giovanni Traverso