Design Level Seven, University of Florida

Instructor(s); Alfonso Perez-Mendez

Collaborator: Alvaro Santos

Sono Studenti

Rome, Italy - The Trastevere area of Rome is home to many students. With countless price hikes taking place throughout the city, it was important to provide a housing solution for the student community. As an offered resolution to deliver affordable housing with maximum amenities, the project, is divided into four vertical zones; Piazza Level; Work Level(s); Garden Level, and finally the Tower Level(s). Establishing fluidity throughout the site while maintaining pedestrian porosity, resulted in the separate of Piazza Level volumes that follow the vestige of  Rome's grid. Grading the ligature above, communal ties are internally established through the Work Level and so on in ascension.

Perspective; Trastevere

Piazza Analysis

Aerial View


1. Commercial

2. Recreation / Studio

3. Housing Units

Piazza View