Graduate Design Level Two, University of Florida

Instructor(s); Lee-Su Huang

When looking at transportation stops serving the University of Florida, designing a bus stop became a task geared around student comfort and optimal   collegiate information transfer. A college, inherently rich in academic conversation and the desire for diverse communication provides transport for the young and receptive. By implementing relevant transmissions of events, facts and bus schedules into a bus stop, a banal trip home could be an unsuspecting trip to an event or a thoughtful basking on a new fact while sitting on the bus. Investigating this concept and marrying it with a much more comfortable way to wait, the project aligns comfort and transcription by providing a bus stop that serves as a double sided berm. On one side, students  lay on a curvaceous surface, the other side providing for an upright position. An invented scroll circulating the structure project in red- bus times, facts, events and potentially news or media.




Examination of Curve to Crease to Angle; through structural ribbing and contour.

Model Images, Right;

Constructing a portion of the bus stop in order to understand the dynamics of edge to curve,  surface transfers and maximum openings. What are the structural components necessary to provide a seamless comfortable surface for users to lie on?