Through numerous conversations about phenomenological qualities of space, light, detail,  assembly and other inherent architectural definitions,  a full scale component of an imaged space was to be constructed. Addressing these issues in a  physical structure grew misgiving, a defiant coterie of thin and stout concrete mixtures, dislocating the calculated placements of copper, and other materials that would define the arrangement of light.


To begin, a series of material tests were performed to best understand what pieces function together, how they attach or perform and interface with elements outside of paper architecture. Some tests were complete failures, others surprisingly successful, but above all, they were vital records to engage conversation based around architectural actuality.

After many material tests and extemporized combinations, enough research had been conducted in order to produce a corporal, full scale model. When readying for the construction, the project required specific documents allowing for the calculation of material necessities, scheduling and cost. Lessons in these organizations became vital procedures in order to deliver the model. Although the project had been carefully designed, the necessary family of steps beyond the design phase educated future work through the raised awareness of making. Communication between student, design, material became crucial elements requiring constant sync.


Once complete, projects, were left outside for a week to test the strength of assembly, durability of  material and weathering of form. The concrete gained richer tones, the wood warped, and spots of rust had already occurred. This data is telling of what truly goes into the careful practice of the detailing, and strong architecture - age and an understanding of material.

Understanding Materials;

Building at One to One

Early Concepts

Early Concept Tests


Concrete, Copper, Wire, Bolts

Concrete, Wire, Bolts

Concrete, Paper

Timed Concrete,  Fabric

Timed Concrete,  Fabric




Chicken Wire; Wood Glue

Concrete; Cellophane

Chicken Wire; Wood; String

Concrete, Copper, Resin, Bolts

Concrete, Copper, Resin, Bolts

Concrete, Copper, Resin, Bolts

Concrete, Copper, Resin, Bolts

One to One, Lighting in Relation to Sun

Elevation of Full Scale Construction

Axonometric of Full Scale Construction

Construction Images

Final Construction

Graduate Design Level One, University of Florida

Instructor(s); Lisa Huang, Bradley Walters

See Continuing One to One, the next stage of

Understanding Materials; Building at One to One.

Base Images over One Week

Lighting in Relation to Materials

Final Construction

standing at 6'-0"